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Not possible to link a Location to a Department


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We are not able to link a particular department to a location, however we are able to a relate other locations for the same department and location to other department. Issue is only with this department.

We see nothing strange with this department, and on further analysis we are able to point to an insert block that insert into LOCATIONDEPT table.

Even though it does not show error while inserting just shows 0 Rows affected.

Insert Into LOCATIONDEPT (locn_id, dept_id, locationid, departcode, MANAGER_RESOURCE_CODE, percbillable, billrate, startdate )

        Select 5003000, 6584069, 'FRBNPP', 'C86839', 0, 0, 0, SYSDATE from dual

        where not exists (select 1 from locationdept where locationid = 'FRBNPP' and departcode = 'C86839')


This block work for other departments and we even tried a test Department too.

Can you please help us resolve this issue.


There was an entry in Locationdept table where the 'Departcode' entry already existed. This therefore prevented user from using the same code again


Release : All



Use a different Department ID (Departcode in the table Locationdept) for the new Department that is being created