CF java buildpack does not add agent
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CF java buildpack does not add agent


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


We are running an application in cloudfoundry using the java buildpack version 4.32.

We followed steps at

However the application command line does not change and no agent is downloaded.  We are unsure why.

The CF environment accesses internet by proxy only, so we are not sure if that is the problem.  The document does not cover proxy configuration, or mention offline configuration.


Release : SAAS

Component : APM Agents


The command for defining the user-provided service in the document is seems inaccurate for the recent java buildpack. That command may works for the older buildpack.

Here is the correct command to define the service to trigger the buildpack to download the Agent:

cf cups introscope -p "agentManager_url_1, agent_manager_credential"

The buildpack looks for the "agentManager_url_1" or "agentManager_url" keyword. If it finds the keyword, it will download the Agent, otherwise it will not download it.