boplgin process fails to start
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boplgin process fails to start


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CA Service Desk Manager


Seemingly, a given installation of Service Desk will fail to start on the boplgin process.  stdlog materials will report:

09/28 20:53:48.09 SERVER1     boplgin              5480 FATAL        bplaccess.c           1045 got_dob in Contact_Role_Member_Object failed (NOT FOUND)

09/28 20:53:48.13 SERVER1     proctor_INFYSDBG0    5136 SIGNIFICANT  pdm_process.c          927 Process stopped (F:/CA/ServiceDesk/bin/boplgin return: 999

09/28 20:53:48.73 SERVER1     proctor_INFYSDBG0    5136 SIGNIFICANT  pdm_process.c          575 Process Started (4296):F:/CA/ServiceDesk/bin/boplgin

Above logs will repeatedly appear with the boplgin process failing to start each time.


CA Service Desk Manager 17.x and higher


In some cases, the issue may be caused by bad DB table content.


Review if there were any changes in the backend MDB database, if any data loads had taken place that may have affected the contact related tables.

In one such instance, the preceding logs recorded before the issue occurrence indicate:

09/28 20:53:46.81 SERVER1     dbload               2892 SIGNIFICANT  dbload.c               647 Dbload Started - Parms: -v "1.usp_cnt_role.out" 

09/28 20:53:48.09 SERVER1     bpvirtdb_srvr        7132 ERROR        vdbagent.c            4126 Unable to create hash reference for id(0) on Table(usp_cnt_role)

The above indicates that there was a corrupt entry in the usp_cnt_role table.  Looking in the table, one might find an entry with an incorrect or invalid id value such as NULL or 0.  Removal of the given entry corrected the problem.