CA View - Users Receive Panel Message "Invalid Sysout ID"
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CA View - Users Receive Panel Message "Invalid Sysout ID"


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The client had a few users receiving panel message 'Invalid Sysout ID', when selecting what appears to be a valid Sysout ID. 


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The message "Invalid Sysout ID" appears as the sysout being requested on the Primary panel contains invalid characters.

Though there were many special characters added as being acceptable in a Sysout/Report ID, it is possible that the Sysout ID requested may contain some type of unprintable character that is not visible.

This usually occurs when someone copies a string that contains an unprintable character, such as a null (x'00'), a carriage return (x'0D') or line feed (x'0A').

If fully blanking out the field does not resolve the matter, it could be something wrong with the definition of the user in question.

If matters are isolated to one user, and other users are functioning fine, it is best to delete the
user in question from the View database:

. Use command "DEF USER" to be taken to the User Definition panel.
. Find the user in question, and note the values that they have in the various panel fields.
. Use "D" to delete the user.
. Have the user log in again, to add them back to the list.
. Change their values to what they had before the problem.