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Exporting Clarity v12 Report Output to Excel Data-Only Formatting


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In Clarity v12, we execute the Budget Forecast Analysis Report and when we select the action to export the report data into Microsoft Excel, data only the formatting is not correct for the header.

Report Output:

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Figure 1

Export to Excel Data Only Output from the Report:

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Figure 2


This is due to the use of Export to Excel Data Only versus the use of Export to Excel with formatting.

To ensure that your Microsoft Excel output is formatted properly, be sure to use the following steps.

Within the Report, Export, for the File Format, select 'Microsoft Excel (97-2003)'

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Figure 3

Then, in Microsoft Excel, go to the worksheet that contains the exported data, select all the data (highlight the data) and select 'Copy' function

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Figure 4

Go to a blank worksheet within the same workbook, and select 'Paste Special' option to keep 'Values & Number Formatting'

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Figure 5

The pasted data will be similar to the data using the Export Data Only option, but without the alignment issues.

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Release: ESPCLA99000-12.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus


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