Autosys Upgrade - Failed to get Security Status
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Autosys Upgrade - Failed to get Security Status


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Client moved the database to Oracle 19c.  I am running the 11.3.6.sp8 install and when I entered in the name aedbadmin password and click next received the error.  The security team did not know the password so I asked the Oracle team to reset the password on the new session.  Do you think the internal password is causing the issues. 


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


Issue was that the customer upgraded Oracle Client from 32-bit 11.2 to 64-ibt 19c.

Oracle server is a new 19C installation with Event Server copied from the old Oracle Server.

After the upgrade, the Scheduler and Application Server could not be started up.

Tried upgrading AutoSys from 11.3.6 SP2 to SP8 ran into an error of "Failed to get Security status".

Resolved the issue as follows:

1. Installed 32-bit Oracle Client 19c.

2. Reset ORACLE_HOME to the 32-bit Oracle Client install directory.

3. Reconfigured the Event Server to point to the new 19c Oracle Server.

4. Make sure that AutoSys services could be started up and autosys_secure was working.

5. Tried the upgrade. Ran into a prompt for "Please insert the disc" and had to quit the upgrade.

6. Copied the AutoSys 11.3.6 DVD ISO to a local D: drive and also copied the content of the DVD ISO to a temp folder.

7. Ran the installer using setup.exe in the temp folder.

8. The upgrade went to success exception the agent was not upgraded.

9. Tried upgrading the agent using the CA WA Agent 11.5 install ISO but it failed because the existed cybAgent was gone. Tried installing new agent using the 11.5 installer and it failed as well as it tried to run java from a \jre folder which did not exist.

10. Downloaded the WA Agent 11.4 Install DVD ISO and installed the agent. The installation went successful.

11. Ran autoping and it was successfully.

Tried running a job submitted from CA7 and it went successfully as well.