MOI 2.0.06 Hot Fix ISO File Request Method for Known Release Issues
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MOI 2.0.06 Hot Fix ISO File Request Method for Known Release Issues


Article ID: 200406


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


List of MOI release issues that are resolved by the current MOI 2.0.06 Hot Fix ISO file:

  • A header was added to the Alerts Console and Alert Analysis page to fix an issue in which the console or page appeared blank when no Severity 1 alerts were present in the system. The header serves to indicate there are simply no alerts to view.
  • A fix was applied to the profiler database that reduces the log rollup frequency by removing some warning messages.
  • A problem was fixed in which, when a user was viewing a custom view of the Alert Analysis page, then selected Issue as the filter and subsequently adjusted the date range, the page reverted to display all alert types. Now the Alert Analysis page retains the Issue type for the filter and displays the expected results. 
  • The Recommender-Adapter was becoming unhealthy due to a special character (single quote) in the metric metadata (metric path). A fix was applied to handle special characters. 
  • Improvements were made to the logic for handling data subscriptions in the oi-engine-maas service. This change was required as part of preparation for future SYSVIEW changes to make sure that MOI subscribes only to data types it can process.


Release : 2.0



If you have encountered any of the listed issues described in this document, please open a Wolken Case for product CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence with the title of "Request for Information on MOI 2.0.06 Hot Fix ISO Installation for Known Issues" and you will be contacted by a MOI Support person who will provide you with instructions and the most current Hot Fix ISO file.