Uninstallation of UIM robot or agent and effects on reporting
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Uninstallation of UIM robot or agent and effects on reporting


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


What are the steps to uninstall the UIM/Nimsoft robot or agent?

Will we still be able to generate reports on old monitoring data from UMP after uninstallation of the agent?

How long will we be able to retain the monitoring data?


  • Release: 8.5 or higher
  • Component: UIM - INSTALL


  • Administration


There are a few options to uninstall a robot.

Windows robots

On Windows, simply go to Control Panel and rt-click to Uninstall the Nimsoft Robot.


On Linux/UNIX systems,

How to uninstall a Robot in a Linux/UNIX environment


Via Command Line

Start, Stop, or Uninstall a Robot (Command Line)


Delete server/device in UIM via command line tool (v3.3) 


The monitoring data related to a given robot and its probes will remain until the data is 'aged out' which is based on the data_engine retention settings for QOS data, e.g., raw data and historical data, and nas NiS bridge settings for alarms.

You can also remove 'devices' through the OC Inventory node. That could include robots.

Remove Devices in USM


Your reports will be populated with the old data as long as it still exists and has not been aged out/deleted from the backend database tables based on the data_engine retention settings.