Is it possible to have multiple CE-APM agents on a single LPAR?
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Is it possible to have multiple CE-APM agents on a single LPAR?


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Cross Enterprise Application Performance Management (APM)


Having multiple DX APM Portals, it is feasible to run more than one CE-APM agents on a single system? That way it possible to split metrics up so that agents can point to different DX APM portals with a different set of metrics. 

Is this technically possible, supported and is this good practice or not advisable?


  Cross-Enterprise Application Performance Management 10.5 -  SYSVIEW 15.0


It is possible to run multiple CEAPM agents against a single SYSVIEW installation but with some requirements on how it is installed. Some internal teams run their own separate agents against the same SYSVIEW install all the time. However, usually feeding into different APM EMs.

It would not work properly if they run out of the same CEAPM directory. It would need a separate Cross-Enterprise_APM directory for each instance that is started.
This is because they need to have different configurations (and thus different configuration files). Also the processes would also need the separate log file directories provided by this separation so their logs do not overwrite each other.

They would also need to use a separate SMF port for each agent by configuring file Introscope_Cross-Enterprise_APM.profile and setting this parameter to different values.
The agent name might also need to be configured for both with different names:

The agent that is configured to return the CICS metrics should be using the port that SYSVIEW sends the SMF records to. The other agent instance does not require SMF record delivery.