error XCOMM1511E
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error XCOMM1511E


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We are testing with xcom 12.0 error with ssl port .

XCOMM1511E System SSL XCOM_CONFIG_SSL read error. Section:KEYRING_FILE Parameter:INITIATE_SIDE not found in the config file.     


Release : 12.0

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


Message "XCOMM1511E System SSL XCOM_CONFIG_SSL read error. Section: KEYRING_FILE Parameter:INITIATE_SIDE not found in the config file." indicates that it is not finding the keyring value in the SYSconfssl.cnf file. It also indicates that IBM System SSL is being used for secured transfers and can be confirmed with parameter SSL_VERSION= in the CONFIG member. In this case the user had the incorrect value for SSL_VERSION= in their CONFIG member because they intended to use OpenSSL vs IBM System SSL.