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EDR Dashboard displays Endpoint graph, but not Network graph


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Endpoint Detection and Response Endpoint Protection with Endpoint Detection and Response


In the UI of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), the Network graph not displayed on Dashboard, but the Endpoint graph is


No recent AV detections within the network traffic of the EDR scanners. 


EDR Appliance installed as a Management console with one or more scanners.

Underlying causes may include: no installed scanners, installed scanners don't communicate with the EDR Management console, and no recent detections within the network traffic sent to the EDR scanners.


  1. At the UI of the EDR appliance console, examine the state of the scanners on Settings> Appliances.
  2. Open the individual property sheet of each EDR appliance with the network scanner role by double-clicking on its IP address.
    1. On each property sheet, mouse over the halo (the circle around the symbol for the EDR scanner appliance) to check for alerts.
    2. On each property sheet, check the date of the definitions to make sure they are up to date.
  3. If no alerts appear on either the list of Appliances or the property sheets, and the definitions are up to date, run the status_check command at the CLI, starting with the EDR Management console, and then each network scanner.
  4. If none of these steps resolves the issue, collect a diagnostic from the Management console, then open a support case for assistance with collecting a diagnostic from each scanner to check whether there are no recent detections in the network traffic the scanners received.