How can I automate a daily SPINoff for TPX LOG.
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How can I automate a daily SPINoff for TPX LOG.


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TPX - Session Management


This document explains how to automate the process of off-loading the TPX LOG data, using the MVS SPIN command.



Release: 5.4
Component: TPX for Z/OS


  1. If you are using an Automation product like OPSMVS or SOLVE:Operations you can issue the MVS command
    'F tpxstc,SPIN' every midnight or at a predetermined time using the automation product.
    This allows TPX to close the current SYSOUT file and allocate a new one.
    Now you can offload the closed SYSOUT file from SPOOL into a dataset.

  2. If you don't have an Automation product on your site, you can schedule the TPX command 'F <tpx-stc-name>,SPIN' using the JES-command $TA.
    $TA,T=23.59,I=86400,'$VS,''F <tpx-stc-name>,SPIN'''   where ;
    $TA is the command to create the automated command, is the time in at which the command should be executed,
    I=sssss is the Interval after which the command should be re-executed (here after one day or 86400 seconds)
    $VS is used to allow the console command F <tpx-stc-name>,SPIN to be executed out of JES2.
    Note the double apostrophes around that MODIFY-command and the pair of apostrophes around the complete command $VS ...

For additional details on $TA command please refer to IBM manual SA22-7526-11 "JES2 Commands"