How to Determine Who Stopped a Running Test
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How to Determine Who Stopped a Running Test


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Is there a way to view which account user stopped a test? Or why a test stopped early?


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The System Log available when you select the Logs tab on the test report page is the best place to start looking for the reason a test stopped.

It anyone terminated the test by selecting the "Terminate Servers" option from a running test or selected the "Abort Test" option before a test starts up, this log will contains lines similar to the following (one for each engine, but if there are many engines configured in the test you may not have an entry for each one):

[25-09-20 02:49:51] [INFO] [r-v4-5f6e39fc10bb4] system: Terminate command sent

It will not tell you who terminated/aborted the test.

On the other hand, if anyone stops a running test by selecting the "Graceful shutdown" option, then the individual who stopped the test will appear in this log in messages similar to the following (again, you should see one for each engine):

[25-09-20 02:59:37] [INFO] [r-v4-5f6e3cd089573] user: Sending stop command by [email protected]

If a test stops early and you don't see messages similar to the above in the System Log, check the Engine Health report page to see if there was a potential resource issue that caused the test to fail on the engine(s).  The bzt.log file is also another good place to check to determine why a test stopped early.