XCOM Plexq error XCOMM1113E
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XCOM Plexq error XCOMM1113E


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Our customer is going into a parallel sysplex environment and wants to have an XCOMPLEX/PLEXQ, we have the definitions, but when we start up the second XCOM STC on the second LPAR of the sysplex, we are getting the following error:


Per the IBM Manual it states that the member already exist in an active session.




Release : 12.0

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


Message XCOMM1113E announces an error received from one of the XCF (Cross-system Coupling Facility) macros invoked during the operation of the PLEXQ.                                                          
The macro IXCJOIN named in the message joins the caller as a member into an XCF group. Return code 8 reason code 8 indicates that, in the specified group, there is already an active member with the same name.               
In XCOM words, this means that, anywhere in the SYSPLEX, there is an active XCOM STC specifying our exact same values for parameters PLEXQ (name of the XCF group) and ACBNAME (name of the member in the group)                    
The consequence of XCOM1113E is that the STC will NOT join the PLEXQ group and therefore will not process PLEXQ functionality. Otherwise, it will work normally as an standalone server.                                                                                             
To clear this symptom, just specify a value for ACBNAME which is unique among all the STC's having the same group name in parameter PLEXQ.