Top Secret Hiper Solutions SO14340 and SO14341
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Top Secret Hiper Solutions SO14340 and SO14341


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What issues do Top Secret HIPERs SO14340 and SO14341 address? 


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


If running IMS 14 with IBM RSU1910 applied or IMS 15 with IBM RSU1910, 1911, or 1912 applied, then it is strongly recommended that SO14340 and SO14341 be applied. If none of these IBM RSU levels are running, then there is no risk of not having Top Secret hipers SO14340 and SO14341 be applied.

Without these HIPERs applied, the risk is a S0C1 abend can occur if an IMS MESSAGE region is restarted. Once the S0C1 occurs during a restart of a MESSAGE region, the only way to get that MESSAGE region back up and running is to IPL. This can happen again if another MESSAGE region has to be restarted. The S0C1 is not guaranteed to happen, it is a timing issue, but if it does happen, the consequences are an IPL. 

With SO14340 and SO14341 applied, the S0C1 will not occur and no IPLs will be required.