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Cannot log into Jasper using domain login and LDAP password


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Spectrum is integrated with Jasper and SSO is enabled in the OneClick Jasper Configuration page.

OneClick is configured to user LDAP.

The user logs into the OneClick web pages using their domain id and LDAP password.

They click on the Jasper Console link and they are automatically logged into Jasper.

They log out of Jasper and it brings them to the Jasper login page.

They user tries to log into Jasper using their domain login and LDAP password and they are not able to log into Jasper.

Why can't the user log into Jasper using their domain login and LDAP password when they logged into OneClick using them and the are logged in automatically when they click on the Jasper Console link.


Release : All Support Releases

Component : SPCJSP - Jaspersoft for Spectrum


For the Jasper SSO configuration, we use the token based authentication mechanism irrespective of password value if the user is authenticated with Spectrum. When the user clicks on the Jasper Console link in the OneClick webpage, he gets logged into Jasper. Reference knowledge article 200273 "How does the SSO work in the Spectrum OneClick Jasper Integration page?"


If you wish for users to be able to log into Jasper from the Jasper login page using their domain login id and LDAP password, you must configure Jasper to use LDAP.

Additional Information

Reference the following links on how to configure LDAP in Jasper.