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9/24(木) 7:00に発信された「Important information about Symantec Endpoint Security migration」について


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Endpoint Protection


9/24(木) 7:00に「Important information about Symantec Endpoint Security migration/「Symantec Endpoint Security」の移行についての重要なお知らせ」という件名でSESのクラウドがAmazon Web Services (AWS) to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)に移行することについて通知されています。

----- メール抜粋
Symantec Endpoint Security will migrate from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to the
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) tentatively in November 2020. This migration will
result in potential improved performance and reduced latency, among other benefits.
For further details and the latest information, please visit our FAQ for updated

What You Need To Do

  1. A refreshed version of the on-premises SEP14.3 MP1 (14.3.1169.0100) that
    fully supports GCP is available now. Please download the installation media
    from the Broadcom Download Center. The Symantec Agent is also available
    for auto-upgrade now using the prerelease channel and after September 21
    using the release channel.

    Based on your feedback, we are extending support for the agent versions prior
    to 14.3MP1 as we understand that agent upgrade may require more planning
    and can take more time. Support for versions prior to 14.3MP1 will be
    extended on GCP until March 31, 2021.

    We recommend that you move to the latest version of the SEP agent as soon
    as possible in order to get the latest fixes, better performance, and to make
    sure the client continues to function as expected.

    You must upgrade to SEP14.3 MP1 (14.3.1169.0100) or newer by March 31,
    2021 to avoid the following:
    • File upload will fail (Get File)
    • DCS inventory does not update
    • Data from a hybrid-managed SEPM will not synchronize with the cloud
  2. In support of the migration, a new set of URLs have been published. You must allow
    these URLs if you use a proxy server or perimeter firewall in your network. More
    details are here: URLs that allow SEP and SES to connect to Symantec servers



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1. SEPM コンソールにログインします。
2. コンソール左の [クラウド] をクリックします。
3. 表示された画面で 
  [Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager の登録]
  と表示されていた場合は、SEPM はクラウド環境には接続していません。