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When I try to restart the CABI service, Server Intelligence Agent, it fails with the error "Failed to initialize CAD Servant."


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Sometimes the Server Intelligence Agent does not start up properly after a restart of the service and may display the error

"Failed to initialize CAD Servant."


The error appears if all processes are not shut down properly prior to restarting the Server Intelligence Agent service or if the port is already in use by another process. To resolve the problem:

- Ensure that all CABI processes are down when Server Intelligence Agent service stops.

- Check that the CABI port is not in use by another application

How do I check if all CABI processes are stopped?

1. Launch the Windows Task Manager and open [Processes] tab.

Turn on the option "Show processes from all users"

2. Check if running processes have the Description "BusinessObject Enterprise", e.g. cms.exe, crproc.exe, and etc. If any of these processes are still running,, select the process and right click <End Process> button.

If the above does not resolve the problem, a reboot of the server will be required..


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration