Brief overview of what CA CHORUS SOFTWARE MANAGER provides


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CA CHORUS SOFTWARE MANAGER simplifies CA software management through full life cycle:

acquiring, installing, maintaining, deploying and configuring.


CA Chorus Software Manager (CA CSM)

Simplifies CA software management through full life cycle: acquiring, installing, maintaining, deploying, and configuring what it provides?

  • Downloads software products and service from CA Support Online

    • Includes other artifacts (e.g. PDFs, letters, etc.)
    • Ability to schedule downloads, particularly CARS and HOLDDATA

  • Installs products into new or existing CSIs
  • Evaluates and installs maintenance into CSIs

    • Selecting one or more PTFs/APARs
    • Use CA Recommended Service (CARS) for selection
    • Use FIXCAT for selection

  • Installs "External Maintenance" and "External Packages"

    • i.e. ++APARs, ++USERMODS
    • i.e. Beta products, other vendor products

  • Migrates preexisting CSIs into CA MSM
  • Deploys product target libraries to local or external systems
  • Configures deployed products for production use where can I find out more?

For more information about CA CSM please visit the:

* CA Support Online CA CSM Product Page:

Here you will find Product News, the CA CSM Bookshelves, Recommended Reading, Product Status, Downloads and Capabilities. As well as many other helpful links. Be sure to check out the

* CA Chorus Software Manager Resource Center

If you are using CA CSM 5.1 or above you may access the above links from the CA CSM Software Status Tab, under "QUICK LINKS". Or you can logon to the site and access the CA CSM Product Home Page and access the same links from there.

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Release: MSMNGR00200-5.1-Chorus Software Manager


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