Netspy did not pick up network response time
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Netspy did not pick up network response time


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NetSpy Network Performance


We are running NETSPY, RELEASE 12.0.1003 on z/OS2.2.  We are trying to enable Netspy monitoring for a CICS region called CBSY with the following parameters:

      APPL  = CBSY      TARGET=5,10,15,20   FORCEDR=100   


Though we have FORCEDR enabled for definite response, Netspy does not seem to be able to provide Network Avg-Resp or Network Worst-Resp though it can pick up the other data such as "NO. TRANS", "NO. INPUT", etc.  Would you be able to shed some light on what additional Netspy monitoring parameters that I may need to get Netspy to capture and provide the network response time? 


Release : 12.0

Component : CA NetSpy Network Performance


Add a TELNETLU statement for the generic LU of your application with FORCEDR=ALL.
Then add TNMON=YES to the desired appl statement(s).

APPL  = CBSY     TARGET=5,10,15,20   FORCEDR=100   TNMON=YES 

Additional Information

For a full description of the TELNETLU statement, please see page 164 of the Netspy Admin Guide here

All  Netspy manuals are available here in PDF format