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CP processes on secondary node are not connected in AWI


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After upgrade in a cluster environment from pre-12.3 to v12.3 the CP processes on secondary node are show as inactive in AWI. At the same time the log files of these CP processes don't show any errors. Also in the Service Manager the processes show as started.

This issue happens when the bindAddr parameter in ucsrv.ini is active and using an IPv6 address.



This is a bug where the CP does not provide the correct information to the MQSRV table.


Release : 12.3



Our Dev team confirmed that the issue is a bug that will be fixed in v12.3.4.

A possible workaround is to register the hostname-IPv6 address combination in /etc/hosts of all AE servers. This might work but depends on the exact network / DNS configuration. In addition, this will impact all other applications on the AE servers by returning only the IPv6 address.