DX OI - How to configure DSP to process only CAPM metrics
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DX OI - How to configure DSP to process only CAPM metrics


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DX Operational Intelligence


DSP functionality was disabled (scaled down to 0 dspcasa, dspcasa1 and dspintegrator deployments) to prevent an overhead in OI

However this change is affecting alarms anomaly generation for CAPM integration. 


How to enable DSP but remove the load on dspintegrator and dspcasa, scoping down the inputs only to CAPM metrics?






The dspintegrator can get overwhelmed when the volume of metrics becomes larger.  In this example we are scoping the processing to only CAPM metrics, this  will certainly help the database and processing.


1) Go to Openshift console > Applications > Deployments, locate dspintegrator and open it, go to Environments
2) Remove the entries in METRIC_INDEX_ES (you can backup the current value if you want to).
3) Set ENABLE_CAPM_METRICS to 'true', by default it is false
4) Scale up dspcasa as below:
5) Open terminal on dspcasa and view the /opt/dsp/dsp_logs/dsp.log to verify that no errors exist. 
Additionally, open psql shell connecting to database to see that tables are created in the database.   Do this by opening a terminal on postgres pod, launching psql command-line utility, and then listing the databases:

  psql> \l

backslash 'el'.   You should see the dsp database listed.  Can connect and verify that schema exists as well now:

  psql> \c {dsp_databasename} aopuser

  psql> \d+

The listing now should show all tables such as dsp_mpm_green_highway, dsp_mpm_model, dsp_mpm_saved_data, etc.

6) Once above is confirmed, then start 'dspcasa1' pod and wait for it to activate. 

7) Finally, 'dspintegrator' pod can be started. After dspintegrator has started up, review the logs tab (or the logs file from Terminal) to verify that content is being processed and no errors are displayed."

Additional Information

- DSP Documentation: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/it-operations-management/digital-operational-intelligence/1-3-2/configuring/optional-pods-configuration/data-science-platform-pod.html

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