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Why are there differences in enterprise ID's for MIBs and SNMP trap output?


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



The MIB generated from Workstation console declares an enterprise ID value different from the actual UDP/SNMP trap packet and actual trapversion format/ Why is this?


Metrics published to the MIB are assigned a unique Object Identifier (OID). SNMP Managers use OIDs to reference individual metrics in the MIB. is the OID prefix assigned to CA Technologies. So all SNMP trap operations will use OID. as a prefix in the appropriate log messages.

CA APM is generating traps currently with the OID 791. APM is also generating MIB files as needed from the < EM_Home/snmp> directory.

However, the MIB from this directory currently shows the enterprise OID as 10480. The old OID in the MIB file is added but it does not have any impact as the trap is generated with the current 791 enterprise OID. The Configuration and Administration guide as well has this discrepancy and needs to be updated to the correct OID which is 791. At this moment, the only active enterprise OID is 791 and 10480 is obsolete.


Component: APMINT