Value Mismatch for one of the lookup based attribute in the Audit Trail
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Value Mismatch for one of the lookup based attribute in the Audit Trail


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Clarity PPM On Premise


This issue is related to SIR request (custom attribute based on static lookup), here if we modify existing lookup value which we have used in SIR ex:- SI3, SI4 etc, and then when we submit request we were not seeing new/modified value in Audit table of SIR, it's still showing me old values there. Why?


Release : 15.4.1

Component : CA PPM STUDIO


When an attribute is added to the audit it will create a trigger, in that trigger you will see that values are being populate by function ODF_AUD_STATIC_LOV_FCT, so if you check the function you can see that values are coming from captions table ODF_AUD_LOOKUP_CAPTIONS and that table will only get updated when you add an attribute to the audit. Please be advised that every type of attribute will have it's own way to get the values this is only for static lookup type.

If you run below query you can see how it is pulling values, so you will just need to put your lookup info in there.

select *
    where is_latest=1 and language_code='en' and pk_id = (select id from cmn_lookups where lookup_type= 'STAT1' and lookup_code = 'one');

In summary if description for a static lookup was changed for one of the values and there is an attribute tied to it which is audited you will need to remove that attribute from audit, save and add it again.