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History status of Promotion packages in Package exits.


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It might be necessary due to site specific requirements to check in a C1UEXT07 whether History exists of a Promotion Package. This knowledge document supplies you with some information about how to accomplish this.


If one wants to know in an EXIT07 if other versions of this PKG have existed , the following fields are available in the $PHDRDS :

PHDRPROM:     Is set to 'Y' if a Promotion Package
PHDRPPKGID:   Contains the generated  name of the copy of the previously executed package. 
              Contains Blanks if there was no Previous version ( history).

Contains Blanks if there was no Previous version ( history).

The corresponding fields in COBOL are:


So a straightforward check on PHDRPPKGID would suffice to know if the Promotion Package has History. If it is necessary to implement logic to obtain more info about the iterations of a Promotion Package, one can use the API List Package Header function. This API function will return the historical versions when ALPKG_RQ_PROMHIST is set.


Release: ENDAE.00200-15.1-Endevor-Software Change Manager