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Setting Performance Management Component Filter to match empty values


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Is it possible to filter against ifAlias that have no value in the Component Filter?

Need the filter to find items with ifAlias values are are missing, blank or otherwise empty.

With the current Operation value choices, none seem to work for this instance.

There isn't an Operation for something like 'is empty' or 'is null'.

If trying to use something like Operation=Equals and leaving the Value field empty, similar to the following:

If we try to save that we see an error "Invalid filter expression."


Need to filter against fields that contain no, or an empty, value.


All supported Performance Management releases


A new Operation entry to assist with empty field matches would be an Enhancement Request.

Further testing shows that the following Regex works for most instances as a way to match fields with empty or no values.


Additional Information

Submit Enhancement Requests via the Ideation page on the Broadcom Communities site.