OpenAPI Odata CSV export has missing values and shifted calls
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OpenAPI Odata CSV export has missing values and shifted calls


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After a Performance Management upgrade Data Aggregator Odata OpenAPI query results in CSV export files are different.

A new upgraded Performance Management system was set up and the old was migrated to it. They hold the same items and data but are different releases.

The same query issued against the old system and the new system returns different results.

The query is against a set of interfaces and their metrics. It shows the interface name, device name, and selected metrics.

The query starts with interfaces and includes the device name for the interface.

The output has two problems:

  • The device name shows up once and is empty for the rest of a given interfaces results entries.
    • If an interface has 12 results rows, the device name for that interface shows up once, on the first row, and is missing from subsequent rows.
  • Cells in the spreadsheet are shifted right making the report difficult to read of use to import the data to other tools.


CA Performance Management 3.7.14-3.7.16
DX Netops 20.2.1-20.2.3 Performance Management 


Defect DE478981, issue in code post-upgrade when using Odata OpenAPI URLs that start with the interface or component endpoint.


This issue has been fixed in CA Performance Management 3.7.17/DX Netops 20.2.4 Performance Management


To work around the issue use the devices endpoint first instead of the interfaces endpoint. In the broken and working samples below note the working one starts with the devices endpoint instead of interfaces.

Example broken URL used:

http://<DA_HOST>:8581/odata/api/interfaces?&resolution=RATE&period=1h&$format=text/csv&$expand=device,portmfs&$select=Name,device/Name,portmfs/im_UtilizationIn,portmfs/im_UtilizationOut,portmfs/Timestamp,portmfs/im_SpeedIn&$filter=((groups/Name eq '<GroupName>'))

Example working URL:

http://<DA_HOST>:8581/odata/api/devices?$format=text/csv&&resolution=RATE&period=1h&$expand=interfaces,portmfs&$select=Name,interfaces/DisplayName,portmfs/Timestamp,portmfs/im_UtilizationIn,portmfs/im_UtilizationOut,portmfs/im_SpeedIn&$filter=((groups/Name eq '<GroupName>'))

Alternately for groups where all you have are components such as interfaces, you can start form the Metric Family (Example /odata/api/portmfs) and expand devices and interfaces

Additional Information

DX Netops 20.2.4 Performance Management Fixed Issues:

CA Performance Management 3.7 fixed issues: