In Sysview for Db2 r20 what variable replaces AUTHFAIL-OBJECT
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In Sysview for Db2 r20 what variable replaces AUTHFAIL-OBJECT


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SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS


In Sysview Performance Management for Db2 for z/OS (IDB2) r20 the AUTHFAIL-OBJECT variable is no longer available.  What IQL variable replaces it.


In IDB2 r20 the IQL variable OBJECT-TYPE replaces AUTHFAIL-OBJECT.

Additional Information

OBJECT-TYPE was changed from an external to internal DECLARE field because the OBJECT-TYPE field exists in more than one IFCID.
Since IFCIDs 361 and 404 had the OBJECT-TYPE field being translated from a one-character value to a meaningful word/phrase, it made sense
to remove the DECLARE for IFCID 140 AUDIT-FAILURES and use the same internal table that is used for IFCID 361 and IFCID 404.
This ensures that the two tables do not  become out-of-sync or outdated.

ObjectTypes DC ((C'Z'-C'A')+1)CL16' '
ObjectDef A,'ACEE '
ObjectDef B,'Bufferpool '
ObjectDef C,'Collection '
ObjectDef D,'Database '
ObjectDef E,'Distinct type '
ObjectDef F,'Function '
ObjectDef G,'Session variable'
ObjectDef H,'Global variable '
ObjectDef J,'Jar '
ObjectDef K,'Package '
ObjectDef L,'Role '
ObjectDef M,'Schema '
ObjectDef N,'Trusted context '
ObjectDef O,'Procedure '
ObjectDef P,'Application plan'
ObjectDef Q,'Sequence '
ObjectDef R,'Tablespace '
ObjectDef S,'Storage group '
ObjectDef T,'Table or view '
ObjectDef U,'User auth '
ObjectDef W,'Row '
ObjectDef Z,'zParm '