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Incorrect categorization of a website by Site Review


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Web Security Service - WSS


Website xxx.yyy is incorrectly categorized on Web Security Service (WSS) Site Review page


Websites are categorized based on content and risk rating and a few other parameters. This process is automated and can go wrong rarely.

Sometimes, IPs associated with the website, are categorized under a category that it should not belong to.


  • Verify the Website/URL in question with WebPulse Site Review Request
  • The resulting page will tell current category the website belongs to. At the same time, this page gives you option to fill the form and suggest better category.
  • Select filtering service as 'Blue Coat Web Security Service' and suggest two possible categories where you think the website fits.
  • Provide other details and your reasoning in the comments and submit for review.
  • The request will go to our GIN team and they might or might not make a change in 2-3 weeks. You will be notified via email you put in the review form.