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ASM - Is there a way to schedule "Export Logs" reports in Excel format automatically in hourly basis?


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CA App Synthetic Monitor DX Application Performance Management


There is the need to generate reports from the "Export Logs" automatically (rather than manually), hourly and in excel format from the ASM UI. Currently, when going to "Custom Reports", the minimum time range is available is "Daily":




- From the UI, it is not possible to schedule reports automatically and an Enhancement Request has been raised to implement this feature in future versions of the product.

However, it could be possible to have fresh data from the rule_log API call every hour by using paging instead of relying on start_date and end_date parameters. The script would content the following steps:

1. /rule_log?reverse=y&num=1 ------------------------------------>  get the uuid of the newest item 
2. /rule_log?uuid=<uuid from step 1>&num=100000 -------->  get items newer than step 1
3. wait for an hour
4. /rule_log?uuid=<uuid from step 2>&num=100000 -------->  get items newer than step 2

Repeat steps 3 and 4 indefinitely, only updating the uuid.


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