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ID hung in SYSSVIEW for DB2 when chose option 4 .


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User ID TS73P23 hung in SYSSVIEW for DB2 when she chose option 4 .  The ID use about 40-60% of CPU until cancel the ID.  Last time (08/20/2020) user was successfully logged in this system(DB05), she was in Thread History Selection trying to display a list of Thread for 1 hour. 
User ID TS73P23 is the only one with problem and it's only on this system. Once she hang up, her ID is cancelled she will hang again on any option from IDB2 Main Menu.


Release : 20.0

Component : CA SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS


Analysis of the provided user session dump it clearly points that IDB2 were looping in a routine that is attempting to reconnect to the data collector because this user is already connected.  No dump from the data collector address space was available to provide the cause of the problem.

Most likely after cancelling the user session some incomplete information about this session was preserved in the data collector so any further attempt to connect to it using the same session lead to an endless loop in a reconnect routine.

If this problem reoccurs perform the following action:

1. Cancel the looping session and issue a '/F dcname,D USERS' modify command. This command will print out the list of all currently connected users in the JESMSGLG of the data collector.

2. Connect the problematic session and put it in a loop. Once it starts looping (hanging) take console dumps for BOTH the user session and the data collector.