IDash down after massive CA7 update
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IDash down after massive CA7 update


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iDash Workload Automation for CA 7


CA7 schedulers did a massive update. We attempted to follow the instructions received by support

1) Disable CAL2M649 rule in OPSMVS on mainframe
2) Delete CA7 instance from iDash admin console (make sure you have snapshot of both tabs)
3) Stop iDash (secondary then primary)
4) Notify CA7 group to do their updates
5) Start iDash (primary then secondary)
6) Define CA7 instance from admin console
7) Request data extract
8) Verify CA7 report is current

After idash has back up, it appeared to be receiving data. However, several hours later we noticed that the system was not receiving new CA7 job updates. Also, the delta files were being sent down to the idash server. As of now, it appears that the number of delta files has stopped growing. Attempted to delete the CA7 instance after the delta files finished, and do another data extract. However, still not receiving any updated from CA7. System is still down.


Release : 12.1



Status command showed on the CA 7 server for iDash task that two subscriptions were running. Cleaned up the old subscription. Verified the data extract for all jobs. ~75k and verified the seeddata file was there with no delta files. The customer is back up and running at this time. The customer had two running subscriptions, one was pulling in the delta files from the job updates and the other was pulling in the new seeddata file. Eliminating the old subscription that was pulling in the delta files resolved the issue.