Error Creating JasperSoft Domain When Adding Pre-Filter
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Error Creating JasperSoft Domain When Adding Pre-Filter


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When trying to create a Domain in JasperSoft 7.1, receive an error message when clicking on the DISPLAY tab. 
The following error can be seen within the JasperServer log:
ERROR BaseJdbcMetaDataFactoryImpl,http-nio-8080-exec-8:250 - Cannot execute JDBC Query.
The issue only occurs when you add a pre-filter and select a family_symbol that has a dotted name, like Software.Application shown below. NOTE: This is where the problem is.  “Software” will work, but “<value>.<value>” does not. 


JasperSoft 7.1.1


Tibco Support has indicated that this is a bug in JasperSoft 7.1.1.

There is a workaround for JasperSoft 7.1.1, though it is imperfect.  

1.  Create the domain while filtering on something without the 'dot' (i.e. Software) and save.  

2.  Export the domain schema to file and manually edit the filterString expression to include the  For example:

<filterString>name == 'Software.Application'</filterString>

3.  Edit the domain and upload the updated schema and submit.  

This will update the domain, but you cannot click back into the pre-filter tab or you will encounter the same exception.  You can choose other tabs, but going from the pre-filter tab to any other tab will result in the exception.