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How to set up a new entity or have multiple entities in Clarity


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I am looking to understand how to set up a new entity in Clarity. Once we have more than one entity, how to switch a project from entity 1 to entity 2? I don't see such a field on Project.


Release : 15.8.1



Setting up a new entity

This is the documentation on how to set up an entity.


How to change the entity on a Project?

To change an entity for a project, you must change the Financial department and location to ones belonging to another entity.

You would change the Project Department and Location on the project as described here:

Each Entity has different departments on it, so to bring a project to another Department/Location, you have to delete them on the project in the settings and pick a Department/Location belonging to another entity, then Save.

If you are unable to switch a project?

Do those projects already have a cost plan or transactions posted? If so, you will not be able to switch the entity.