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Are TruthValue and EnumEquiType Syntax types supported for traps in Spectrum?


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We received a trap on spectrum but the attributes do not show the values in the event.  When we look at the mib, the values that are not showing all have SYNTAX of TruthValue and  EnumEquiType.  Does Spectrum support this syntax type in SNMP traps?

For instance:

mlsBAUIUCEcranRetroEclairageOk OBJECT-TYPE
 SYNTAX TruthValue
 MAX-ACCESS read-only
 STATUS  current
  "Retro eclairage Ok par UC Ecran"
 DEFVAL { false }
::= { mlsBAUIAppliEtat 14 }


 SYNTAX  EnumEquiType
 MAX-ACCESS read-only
 STATUS  current
  "Type equipement"
 DEFVAL { inconnu }
 -- ----
::= { mlsEquipement 1 }


Device issue


Release : 10.3

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The TruthValue Syntax type is supported in Spectrum.  When Spectrum processes the mib, the TruthValue syntax type creates a table, and when the proper values are sent Spectrum is processing the data.

The Spectrum event file shows a table:

mlsBAUIUCEcranRetroEclairageOk = {T mlsBAUIUCEcranRetroEclairageOk 3}

And the table has the values:

0x00000001 true
0x00000002 false


The Spectrum event file shows a table:

mlsType = {T mlsType 1}

And the table has the values:

0x00000000 inconnu
0x00000001 typeBAUA
0x00000002 typeBAUB
0x00000003 typeBAUI
0x0000000a typePAEG

These are properly processed in the events. The agent is either sending a bad value, or no value at all for the other varbind (varbind 3) so therefore the event is missing the detail in varbind 3.