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IDMS: Since Upgrade to 19.0 the SMF 230 Records MXG Reports show that the TASKUFLD1 is Not Populated With the IDMS Transaction Name


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After upgrading from IDMS 18.5 to 19.0 the variable TASUFLD1 is not populated with the IDMS transaction name. 
For example: 
In 18.5 the following report from January 20, 2020 shows that variable TASUFLD1 is populated with the IDMS transaction name.  
After upgrading to 19.0 the report from Sep 14 (Monday) shows variables TASUFLD1, and TASUFLD2 are now empty, except for DQ* transactions coming from IDMSCV94.
For example: 
Please note:
*   The IDMS report is JCL executing SAS/MXG that the customer wrote.
*   The fields in questions are not populated by PERFMON.
             *        TASK ACCOUNTING DATA
0000B0         TASBLGRP DS    CL12                BILLING GROUP (FROM SON)               *
0000BC         TASUFLD1 DS    CL8                 USER FIELDS
0000C4         TASUFLD2 DS    CL8                 ..AVAILABLE FOR USER
0000CC         TASUFLD3 DS    CL8                 ..PERFMON DOES NOT MODIFY



Release : 19.0

Component : CA ADS


The PTF SO06628 increased the displacement of these user fields in #PMTASDS by eight bytes which caused the user fields (TASUFLD1,TASKUFLD2,TASUFLD3) to move and the MSG Software Report has not been updated to correctly Address these fields.

The HOLDDATA for SO06628 indicates that "Programs using #PMTASDS, #PMS30DS, or @PMSVXDS need to be reassembled." If you have an exit that uses #PMTIBDS (not distributed) a copy can be provided.

MXG has known about this for a while and were sent some DSECTs back when. 


Merrill Consultants provided the following fix on the MXG Website:;75b705d.1812&FT=M&P=21703274&H=&S=

TYPEIDMS 37.260  IDMS dataset IDMSTAS USER Fields were misaligned.

MXG Technical Support issues should be sent to  [email protected] 


Additional Information

Below are the Merrill Consultants Websites where the customer can search for fixes and report support issues: