Compatibility between Webagent and Policy server 12.8 SP03
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Compatibility between Webagent and Policy server 12.8 SP03


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We're running a Web Agent and this one cannot connect to the Policy
Server and it reports error :

  [24/Jul/2020:14:42:12] [Error] SiteMinder Agent
   Unable to load SiteMinder host configuration object or host configuration file.
   ff ff ff ff

  [24/Jul/2020:14:42:12] [Error] SiteMinder Agent
  [24/Jul/2020:14:42:12] [Error] SiteMinder Agent

   SiteMinder agent has encountered initialization errors and is exiting.

  [Fri Jul 24 14:42:12 2020] [notice] FastCGI: process manager initialized (pid 29080)
  [Fri Jul 24 14:42:13 2020] [notice] Oracle9iAS configured -- resuming normal operations
  [Fri Jul 24 14:42:13 2020] [notice] Accept mutex: fcntl (Default: fcntl)
  [Fri Jul 24 14:46:19 2020] [warn] OPM: EW: Process with pid=28667 fails to register. The process is about to be restarted.[‎24-‎07-‎202

How can we fix that ?




   Web Agent 5SP7 on Oracle 9iAS on (RedHat 2);




According to the Support Matrix for 12.8, Policy Server insure back
compatibility until 6.x Web Agent version :

  4.1 Policy Server and Agents Compatibility

    SiteMinder Policy Server 12.8 supports previous versions of Agents
    and Access Gateways (previously called Secure Proxy Server) with the
    following caveats:

      Any 6.x versions of Web Agents, Access Gateways (previously called Secure Proxy Server), ERP Agents, ASA Agents, and 5.x
      versions of ERP Agents that are not beyond their end-of-service date do not support IPv6 or FIPS Mode (and can only connect to
      12.8 Policy Server in FIPS Compatibility Mode)


You run version 5, you do need to upgrade the Web Agent to a supported

To make it working without upgrade, try this. Modify the Policy Server
presents in the Web Agent HCO. When the Policy Servers are in Cluster
form delete the Cluster and add all the Policy Servers as standalone
in Policy Server section.

Configuring the HCO without clustering shouldn't have impact on the
working application.

Cluster allows you to group the Policy Servers and making the failover
between the groups (Clusters) instead of having all of them separately
and making or Failover among them; or Loadbalancing among them. We
suggest you to disable the Failover option in order to have all the
Policy Servers loadbalanced similar to the Cluster config.

Finally, you should note that the Web Agent 5SP7 has 2 known issues
fixed in 5SP8 which might be related to the problem you faced :

SiteMinder Web Agent v5.x QMR 8 Release Notes

  14.23. Agent Not Starting When One Policy Server is Unavailable
  (36700) Problem: When more than one Policy Server is configured for
  failover, the Web Agent does not start when one of the Policy Severs
  of is shutdown or not available.  Resolution: This is no longer an

  14.53. Web Agents Hanging if One of Several Policy Servers
  Configured for Load Balancing is Unreachable (46973) Problem: Web
  Agents were hanging on startup if one of the Policy Servers in a
  load balancing configuration was not servicing requests or is
  unreachable.  Resolution: This is no longer a problem.