Things to know about the ESP Workload Automation r12 Complete Release
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Things to know about the ESP Workload Automation r12 Complete Release


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ESP Workload Automation


ESP Workload Automation r12.0.00 was released in June 2020. 

This Knowledge Base article lists the commonly known questions and answers about ESP r12.0.00.


Release : 12.0.00



What's the difference between ESP r12 INC (incremental release) and r12.0.00 (complete release)? 
The ESP r12.0.00 complete release contains more fixes and enhancements.   It also contains fixes with level set.  A level set PTF will include the installation of fixes and new features up to the time that the level set PTF was published:

SO13403/SO13384: level set PTF for ESP base
SO13385: level set PTF for ESP Encore
SO13386: level set PTF for ESP SERVICE GOVERNOR
SO13387: level set PTF for ESP HIGH AVAILABILITY  

The intent of the level set object is to give the users an easy way to get the product up with a defined level of maintenance.  

How to upgrade from the incremental release to the complete release?

We have compiled ALL the PTFs needed to upgrade from the incremental release into a zip file.  You can RECEIVE and APPLY these PTFs, then restart ESP with parm=RELOAD.

To locate this zip file, follow these steps:

1. Go to this link which takes you to the ESP product download page:

2. Expand the section for ESP Workload Automation Release : 12.0 Service Level : 0000

3. Locate CA Workload Automation ESP Edition PTF r12 incremental to ESP r12.0 0000

Best practice to upgrade from previous release 11.4 or earlier:

Some key points:
- When starting ESP r12.0 for the first time, use PARM=RELOAD.
- ESP Workload Automation r12.0 is compatible with the ESP Workstation Client r11.3.
- ESP Workload Automation r12.0 is compatible with all supported versions of Workload Automation System Agent.
- If you revert from r12.0 to r11.4, use PARM=RELOAD when you start ESP r11.4.

The following enhancements are available only in r12 (both incremental and complete): 

. Performance Enhancement
Improvement in the utilization of the instruction cache which decreases the CPU time and MIPS consumption for the core ESP application and Event Manager

The new REST API facility allows your applications to interact with ESP programmatically

. ESP Intelligent Experience Web UI with Job Flow visual representation
A new browser-based user interface that allows you to monitor your workload activity graphically, and perform actions on your applications and jobs.


Additional Information

ESP r12.0 technical documentation: Installing and Configuring > Upgrading and Reverting: