Batch Dynamic Action Blocks (SQL -805)
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Batch Dynamic Action Blocks (SQL -805)


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This Knowledge Document clarifies the installation of action blocks that are common to both online and batch. They may have code that access DB2. If not installed correctly, they can get SQL -805 at runtime.


When there exist common action blocks between batch and online, they can both be installed at the same time. If an action block contains DB2, CA Gen will include the correct DB2 call attach (DSNCLI=CICS, DFSLI000=IMS, DSNELI=Batch) for the online and batch versions of the load module. When specifying internal construction libraries, include a PDSE library format library in "Exec batch dynam AB library". If it is desired to have the binder control cards for dynamic batch action blocks (optional), specify a FB 80 BLOCKSIZE=3120 dataset on the"Specify Internal Libraries" panel. Generate and install the online load module and Gen will automatically generate and install the batch action blocks.

SQL -805 PROBLEM/SOLUTION: If a change is required to one of the common action blocks, the online load module containing the dynamic action block must be installed and then Gen will automatically install the batch version at the same time. If the batch version is installed, Gen will NOT install the online version. This will result in SQL -805 abend at runtime. This is working as designed.


Release: KGNCRK05500-7.6-Gen-CLS Runtime Kit-for Unisys