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Installation of 15.7 MP1 on Enforce fails with error "SQLPlus process returned exit Code 1"


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


When trying to install the 15.7 MP1 on Enforce using the .msp file downloaded from the Broadcom website, the installation fails at the stage of connection & authentication to the DLP database. The error displayed says "Error checking user permission: SQLPlus process returned exit code 1 and wrote to standard error:".


The failure can have numerous reasons, including:

-wrong Oracle server URL (i.e. with extra characters added to the URL)

-wrong Oracle server port

-wrong database credentials (default username is protect)

-wrong database instance (default is protect)

-inability to find the SQLPlus client installation on Enforce filesystem

- Oracle password contains special character “@”&”$”


Once you ensure that SQLPlus is able to be executed and that the database parameters and credentials are all correct, retry the installation. You can verify the DB address and credentials manually by trying to log in to the DB via sqlplus - first run:

sqlplus /nolog

And then to authenticate:

conn [email protected]

Change the authentication login/DB instance name if required/different from default. Enter the authentication password and press Enter to verify if you're able to log in to the database. 

If all the DB information has been provided correctly and was verified via SQLPlus, but the upgrade still fails, run the 15.7 MP1 upgrade from command line with the logging switch enabled, i.e. on Windows:

msiexec /p "EnforceServer.msp" /norestart /L*v EnforceServer.log