WA Agent: Move an agent from one host to another and keep the same name in DE (dSeries)
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WA Agent: Move an agent from one host to another and keep the same name in DE (dSeries)


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Users may want o replace old OS or hosts with new.  Is it possible to install the agent on new hosts and keep same name(s)?



Release : 11.3

Component : CA Workload Automation System Agent


Workload Automation DE (dSeries) identifies each agent with a unique name.  No two agents can have the same name.


When replacing servers, the agents can be updated DE side with new hostanme or IP in the Topology.

1.  Stop the old agent in the old server, e.g. AGENT113.

2.  Install the new agent with same name in the new server, e.g. AGENT113.

3.  Make sure to use the same port, key, manager port and manager ID that were used in the old agent used.  Manager information is available in agentparm.txt.

4.  Open the Desktop Client and navigate to Admin perspective and then to the Topology.  Open the agent, and change the hostname in the Address field to match the hostname of new server.

5.  Start the WA Agent on the new server and check to see if the Topology (Desktop Client) shows it as Active.



Additional Information

Note: Make sure that the old agent in old server has been disabled or removed so that it doesn't start on reboots.

The port (default 7520) used by Agent must be open and accessible from DE server.  The port used by DE server (default 7507) must be open from Agent.