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Alert Manager Alerts Issue


Article ID: 199925


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Automation Point


After configuring AP Alert Manager to take advantage of the new HA capabilities we are receiving the following errors, some of which are un-readable.
Primary AP Server - SW730CAAPDA005
Secondary AP Server - SW730CAAPDA006

Primary AP Server AM Screen Shot:

Secondary AP Server AM Screen Shot:


Release : 11.6

Component : CA Automation Point


What you see is just a visual artifact. The machine hostname is so long so that it overlaps over the "Disconnect" button.

With short hostname you would see following:

The HA simply indicates that this machine is configured for High Availability.

This issue is purely cosmetic, I will raise it with our UI team.

After raising with the UI team...

This is by design. I have raised this feedback to the UX team. Right now only way to adjust the size is using the browser's zoom feature by holding Ctrl and pressing +/- or holding Ctrl and scrolling mouse wheel.