CA SSO Admin UI - Unable to update Synchronous Auditing option in Realm Config
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CA SSO Admin UI - Unable to update Synchronous Auditing option in Realm Config


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We're running an AdminUI and when we try to disable the "Synchronous
Auditing" in the Realm configuration. We uncheck this option, click on
Save, close the AdminUI browser and reopen it. When we visit the same
Realm configuration, "Synchronous Auditing" checkbox keeps still being

How can we fix this ?




  Policy Server 12.8SP3 on Linux;
  AdminUI 12.8SP3 on Linux;
  Policy Store on CA Directory 14;




This is planned to be fixed in 12.8SP05. Upgrade to that version when
it will be available.

For the moment, there's a work around by using XPSExplorer on the
Policy Server :

  $ XPSExplorer
  Enter Option (#,F,B,X,P, or Q): 138
  Enter Option (ALCEPNFSQ): S
   // scroll up until you find the realm number concerned (in our lab, it was item #4);
   // 4-CA.SM::[email protected]
              (I) Name  : "home"

  Enter Option (#, +, -, B, Q): 4

      SyncAudit                       = true

  Enter Option (MJCLRPWDAQ): W

      24:*SyncAudit                       = true

  Enter Option (# or MJCLRPBVUDAQ): 24

  New Value (blank to quit):false

  Enter Option (# or MJCLRPBVUDAQ): V

      Object is valid!
      OBJECT MENU******* [...]

  Enter Option (# or MJCLRPBVUDAQ): U

      24:*SyncAudit                       = false

  Enter Option (# or MJCLRPBVUDAQ): Q
  Enter Option (#, +, -, B, Q): Q
  Enter Option (ALCEPNFSQ): Q
  Enter Option (#,F,B,X,P, or Q): P
  Enter Option (#,F,B,X,P, or Q): Q

  Log out and log in the AdminUI, now the "Synchronous Auditing" will be