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Change Password option under the More Actions button is missing for users


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


When I log in using the SSO option I do not have the "Change Password" option under the More Actions button on the User Profile page.  When I log in using my password, it is there.  We have the hybrid SSO set up, so I would expect it to be there for either login, as the users are expected to maintain the user password even if they choose to login using SSO.  Is this expected behavior?  


Release : 2018



Yes, This is the expected behavior. When users use the Hybrid mode then they will be able to access rally in both using Rally auth & SSO.

But if the subscription is set to "only SSO" then these screens will NOT work :

- Login Screen:
- Password Reset Screen:
-"Change Password" option will be disabled from the user settings.

In this SSO mode --> Users must access the Rally using their company's Single Sign-On IDP(SSO) URL which is managed internally by the user's company's IT department and/or Subscription Administrators.

When users use SSO login, Rally recognizes and it will disable the "change password" option for all the users except subscription admin.

For Hybrid Mode (Rally & SSO authentication) the view and the access will happen in both ways 1. The rally auth page & 2. SSO IDP URL

In both ways, the Rally system recognizes the login mode and it will enable the "Change Password" option for all the users for Rally Auth & disable it when users using SSO IDP.