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DUAS6 on Unix: All Jobs Abort with "Could not Submit" with a specific Account


Article ID: 199903


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


After having imported some Objects (Tasks / Uprocs/ Submission Account) from a different system, all Tasks/Uprocs using that specific Account always Abort without any History Trace / Job Log, with the Action error: "Could not Submit"

The System User is ok as UVC states "User Valid" when clicking into Account - Check User Status:


A script invoked via the user $HOME/.profile was returning an error and would display it into the stdout when doing su - username


Release : 5.x and 6.x

Component : Dollar Universe Application Server

OS: Unix/Linux



Fix the impacted user .profile so that it does not request any input and that it does not produce any errors when creating a new shell ( like when doing su - impacted_username).

Additional Information

In a particular case where submission stopped working fine after an unknown modification at the System / LDAP level, the following change was necessary to restore the ability to submit users as those LDAP accounts:

Edit the .profile for each user, adding at the beginning the following alias for rm, after that jobs resumed to be submitted correctly:

alias rm='rm -f'