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Can a alert trap be created in NFA when an interface stopped sending traffic


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


Can a alert trap be created in NFA when an interface stopped passing traffic 


Release : 10.0



It not possible to create an alert trap when a interface stops passing traffic i.e absence of data

It’s important to note again that this evaluation is currently being done as it’s processing the data of each record contained in a .TBN file.  Given that this file only contains data on flows that are actively being seen, it sets the precondition that the reaper must see data (either above or below a threshold) to actively alert on a particular set of thresholds. 

What this means is that the reaper does NOT have the ability to alert on an absence of data 
i.e  when data falls to zero or is not included in the flows that were received on the harvester during a particular minute