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After implementing Fast Unload r20 maintenance encountering PFU0180E message indicating UNLOAD authority required.


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Fast Unload for DB2 for z/OS Database Management for DB2 for z/OS - Utilities Suite


Implemented Fast Unload for Db2 for z/OS (PFU) r20 maintenance and encountering the following message:

PFU0180E - USER: xxxx     HAS NO DB2            
           UNLOAD AUTHORITY ON: creator.table


Release : 20.0
Component : CA Fast Unload for DB2 for z/OS


Verify Db2 DSNZPARM AUTH_COMPATIBILITY= value related to PFU enhancement PTF SO12108:

ENHANCEMENT DESCRIPTION:                                                       
CA Fast Unload for DB2 for z/OS (PFU) is now compatible with the new           
UNLOAD privilege introduced in Db2 12 FL500 for users executing the            
UNLOAD utility.                                                                
If the AUTH_COMPATIBILITY Db2 ZPARM parameter is blank, you must               
have the UNLOAD privilege on the table to execute PFU. This is the             
default value in Db2 12 FL500.                                                 
If the AUTH_COMPATIBILITY=SELECT_FOR_UNLOAD is set, you only                   
need the SELECT privilege to execute PFU. This behavior is                     
Message PFU0180E has been updated to the following:                            
PFU0180E - USER: userid  HAS NO DB2                                            
           authority AUTHORITY ON: table                                       
    - userid: User executing PFU                                               
    - authority: SELECT or UNLOAD                                              
    - table: SCHEMA.TABLENAME where the UNLOAD is being executed.     


Additional notes regarding new DB2 12 Unload Privilege:

In DB2 12, you can set the new AUTH_COMPATIBILITY DSNZPARM to specify whether UNLOAD or SELECT privilege 
is required for running the UNLOAD utility.  AUTH_COMPATIBILITY in macro DSN6SPRM is set to NULL or SELECT_FOR_UNLOAD.

When it is set to NULL, the UNLOAD utility checks if the user has the UNLOAD privilege on the target table.
When SELECT_FOR_UNLOAD is specified, the UNLOAD utility checks if the user has the SELECT privilege on the target table.
The default is the checking of the UNLOAD privilege.

The DSNZPARM default setting is new behavior, which is an incompatible change.
If you like to keep to keep legacy behavior (SELECT authorization), set AUTH_COMPATIBLITY=SELECT_FOR_UNLOAD.