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CMS function GET LATEST MAINTENANCE for Intertest and Symdump CICS shows fixes not related to the Intertest and Symdump CICS FMIDS?


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InterTest - CICS


I am working on the latest maintenance of CA Intertest and Symdump CICS r 11. I am using CSM feature "Get latest maintenance" for the products. Seven PTFS are listed but two PTFS are not for Intertest or Symdump CICS. Why are these fixes being displayed?




The Two fixes in question are for CA Common services and not for the Intertest and Symdump CICS FMID's you have applied in your CSI. These fixes can be ignored.

The two fixes are below with the corresponding FMID's
SO12869 FMID CAW1E10
SO13697 FMID CAS9E10

Part of the Intertest and Symdump  CICS r 11 packing list- bundle includes products CA Common services and CSM .The Common services and CSM products are included with every CA mainframe product.
Common services is required when you use a CA-BROADCOM mainframe product. So if your site is only licensed for one CA product you have access to download and install common services You can also download and install CSM which can then be used to install Intertest and Symdump CICS.
When fixes are written for Common services and CSM these fixes will also be shown in the list with the Intertest  and Symdump CICS fixes. There are also other products bundled with the Intertest and Symdump R 11 package. For example JCL Check and  Datacom. In the future you may see references to fixes for these products too when looking for new maintenance.