Layer 7 API Gateway: Regarding OTK SCOPE Issuing DEPRECATED
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Layer 7 API Gateway: Regarding OTK SCOPE Issuing DEPRECATED


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We recently upgraded our OTK solution kit to 4.4 and one of our customized services which were using "OTK SCOPE Issuing" started failing. After investigating we found that with the upgrade "OTK SCOPE Issuing" became deprecated.

What is the workaround or recommended approach to fix this issue? Is there some documentation for this?


Release : 10.0

Component : API GATEWAY


When OTK upgrade was performed the "OTK Assertions" component was not selected, this component contains the OTK Scoping assertions


OTK 4.4 upgrade
The scoping assertions is included in the OTK Assertions, if it was not selected you need to rerun the INSTALL then select only the OTK Assertion - do not select upgrade it will remove the other components