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Clarity SaaS Scheduled Maintenance: Reference # CHG0067023, CHG0067025, CHG0067029, CHG0067030


Article ID: 199870


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Clarity PPM SaaS


This maintenance activity applies to the following reference numbers:

  • CHG0067023
  • CHG0067025
  • CHG0067029
  • CHG0067030


Release : 15.8.1


Defect resolutions


Issues resolved as part of this maintenance activity:

DE56875 -  Migration: Performance: Datamart Extraction jobs run for more than an hour in GCP
DE57138 -  After Clarity was upgraded to 15.8.1 (GCP), the data in prj_blb_slices table are missing
DE57537 -  Launch Project Hierarchy Tab with Custom Attribute Configured Causes Performance Issues and System Restarts
DE57561 -  New UI Admin: Blueprint Changes Don't Save Consistently
DE57571 -  Resource Workloads Portlet performance issue
DE57588 -  Postgres: Performance issues with attributes based on an MVL
DE57600 -  Charge Code values not available in the dropdown in Modern UX
DE57636 -  Report and Job's scheduled job Log list page takes time to load and sometimes times out
DE57648 - Add asciistr function to clarity base image trunk
DE57663 -  GCP Only - Load Data Warehouse deadlocks on grant GRANT SELECT ON ALL TABLES IN SCHEMA sXXXXpdwh TO sXXXXpdwh
DE57820 -  FIN_CONVERT_CURRENCY_FCT is returning a large set of NULL values for exchange currency GBP
DE57824 -  Expose underlying tables via ODATA used in view ODATA dwh_inv_security_v, dwh_res_security_v
DE57870 -  CMN_MAP_COLORS in postgres is not able to hold the data from postgres as data contain precision
DE57908 -  INSTR behaviour is different in case of empty or null input
DE57970 -  Attributes Grid does not display data in Postgres

Additional Information